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SimpleWater, the company behind Tap Score, is an award-winning science and health services firm founded at the University of California in Berkeley with the mission of improving your drinking water and long term health.

Drinking water without chronic contaminants is integral to keeping your mind and body healthy. Making smart changes to what you drink every day can bestow proven benefits over the course of your life.

As a growing team of civic-minded engineers, lab scientists and health experts we share a vision to improve the way you test, treat, and monitor your drinking water and local environmental health. We offer a unique home water testing service, called Tap Score.

Elite Water Quality TestingNational Water Testing Excellence

SimpleWater’s partnered Tap Score testing laboratories are spread across the country and are chosen from a select pool. To be part of Tap Score, a lab must demonstrate the highest levels of diligence and professionalism, and have proven experience performing our various required testing procedures in a timely and accurate fashion.

Laboratories are selected for their ability to provide high quality testing for every contaminant we track, regardless of the customer’s location. This avoids the issue of folks feeling constrained only to test what their nearby regional laboratory is capable of. Tap Score customers access the best testing, nationwide.

Certified Laboratory TestingCutting Edge Analysis and Health Reporting

In partnership with institutions like The University of California in Berkeley and the Boston University School of Public Health, SimpleWater developed cutting edge water health analysis that is applied to every Tap Score Report.

Small amounts of harmful contaminants, many of which do not smell, look, or taste like anything at all, cause serious physical and mental health effects as they build up in your body. The key to protecting yourself and your family is having reliable and convenient access to high quality testing, health analysis and personalized treatment matching.

Personalized Treatment Matching

Arsenic: Too Expensive to Treat?

We do not sell our own treatment technology.

We do not partner with any water treatment companies.

When you become a Tap Score customer and discover something you don't want in your water, we provide you with unbiased treatment recommendations based on the specific contaminants found in your sample, your home preferences, budget and our ongoing research into customer satisfaction with different treatment solutions.

The Tap Score Water Testing Service is the first convenient package to give you cutting edge toxicology and health data about your water as well as optimized and unbiased water treatment recommendations, if you need them.

Life Sciences at University of CaliforniaFounded At The University of California in Berkeley

In the process of implementing a new electrochemical arsenic treatment technology that we invented, we discovered that what people most valued when speaking with us with us was a better understanding what was in their water, what it could do to them, and how they could remedy that.

With 77 Million Americans drinking contaminated water, we saw an opportunity to better inform the public and to use our expertise to help people take control over their own health.

When you test your water with Tap Score, you are investing in your health and you are contributing to our effort to bring clean drinking water to everybody through better data, analytics, and education on a nationwide scale.

John Pujol and Edna Nyangau

About the Team

Photo of John Pujol

John H. Pujol - CEO

John is a water expert with expertise in contaminant research, testing and treatment. He has developed several new water treatment technologies for arsenic, fluoride and heavy metal remediation as well as advised on UV LED technology for pathogen and pharmaceutical inactivation. John is an expert in evaluating Point of Use water treatment products for the home market and has a Masters in Engineering from UC Berkeley and Bachelors in Economics from Boston University.

Photo of Julio Rodriguez

Julio Rodriguez - CTO

Julio is responsible for Tap Score software engineering and data analysis efforts. He has a background in software product development and information technology, with a 15 year history of successful enterprise and startup projects. Julio is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Dr. Susan Amrose - Chief Scientist

Dr. Susan Amrose oversees the technical development of the ArsenicVolt at SimpleWater. She has worked on scientific, social, and economic aspects of electrochemical (EC) water treatment since 2006. Dr. Amrose has been heavily involved with large scale field-trials and engaging industrial partners to commercialize ArsenicVolt. She teaches a graduate course at the University of California Berkeley on the commercialization and implementation of promising technology to resource-poor regions. As an inventor of ECAR technology she has published research on both applied fundamental science relating to EC methods for arsenic removal. As a result of her water research, she received the Daniel Cubbiciotti Award from the Electrochemical Society. Dr. Amrose received her PhD in Physics from the University of California Berkeley in 2008. For her doctoral research she developed, lab-tested, and field-tested the EC system to remove arsenic. Susan previously worked in high-energy astrophysics at Los Alamos National Lab, CERN, and Silver Space Sciences Lab, and has experience with sophisticated electromagnetic systems and instrumentation.

Photo of Dr. Ashok Gadgil

Dr. Ashok Gadgil - Advisor

Co-Inventor of ECAR, Lawrence Berkeley Lab Division Director, Professor, National Inventors Hall of Fame. Read More

Photo of Henry McCann

Henry McCann - Water System Specialist

Henry conducts public policy research on community drinking water systems at the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation. His research focuses on identifying solutions for the technical, managerial, and financial challenges of providing safe drinking water in rural and small drinking water systems. He was the lead author of the Los Angeles County Community Water System Atlas and Policy Guide (2015), a system-level characterization of threats to water supply reliability and vulnerable populations served by community drinking water systems in Los Angeles County. State water quality regulators are using this report to identify needs for technical assistance and financial support for small drinking water systems in California. He brings to SimpleWater an expert understanding of drinking water supply networks, water system operations, and safe drinking water regulations.

Photo of Jorgen Stovne

Jorgen Stovne - Artistic Design

Jorgen is responsible for graphic design and artistic direction for all SimpleWater products including Tap Score and ArsenicVolt.

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In The Press

SimpleWater’s mission statement has attracted innovative grant funding from the US EPA Small Business Innovation Research Program as well as from the University of California and other private and public funding sources.


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