SimpleWater Tap Score

Who We Are

SimpleWater is a science and health services company company founded at the University of California in Berkeley with the mission of improving your drinking water. We are a team of engineers, scientists, and designers with a vision to enhance the way we test, treat, and monitor drinking water contaminants.

How It Started

In the process of implementing a new electrochemical process for removing Arsenic from the groundwater supplying many low income and rural communities, we discovered that what people most valued was simply understanding what was in their water and what it could do to them.

With 77 Million Americans drinking contaminated water, we saw an opportunity to better inform the public and to use our expertise to help people take control over their own health.

About The Team

Our CEO, John Pujol, has a Masters in Engineering from UC Berkeley and valuable experience working with water treatment systems at every scale, from individual point of use systems to large water utilities serving 100,000+ people. 

The team includes a National Inventors Hall of Fame member, University of California Professors, Several PhD level researchers, and a big sense of mission.

When you test your water with Tap Score, you are investing in your health and you are contributing to our effort to bring clean drinking water to everybody through better data, analytics, and education on a nationwide scale.

Visit the SimpleWater homepage to read more about water quality issues, our latest research, and more.

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